Wearable Devices Communicate Vital Brain Activity Information - (ScienceDaily via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Researchers presenting at the American Pain Society Annual scientific meeting say that autonomic activity measured through a sweat response is not as general as previously thought, and carries more specific information related to different kinds of brain activity, reported ScienceDaily.

  • Scientist Rosalind Picard said her group has built an automated machine learning method that can detect compulsive seizures by combining measures of electrodermal activity on the wrist with measures of motion.

  • The wrist-worn detector is now more than 96 percent accurate for detecting convulsive seizures, according to the news source, adding that while they have not demonstrated detection of non-convulsive seizures, 42 percent to 86 percent of non-convulsive, complex partial seizures also have significant electrodermal responses.

  • Picard said other clinical applications for wristband electrodermal monitoring include anxiety, mood and stress monitoring and measuring analgesic responses.

  • "We know that pain exacerbates anxiety and stress and we are doing more studies to determine how reductions in anxiety and stress could indicate an analgesic response activated by a pain management therapy," she added.

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