New smart gloves to monitor Parkinson's disease patients - (Science Daily via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Kunal Mankodiya, director of University of Rhode Island's Wearable Biosensing Laboratory, said he is researching how to transform clothing into high-tech items that will make people healthier, Science Daily reported Friday.

  • The research focuses on smart textiles, embedded with sensors, electronics and software, which can collect data from patients at home and deliver it to doctors.

  • The latest project involves the development of gloves that are embedded with sensors on the fingers and thumb to measure tremors and rigidity.

  • The gloves are connected to cell phones that process the data and deliver it to neurologists in their offices.

  • The researchers are also developing high-tech socks for people who have suffered strokes, with Mankodiya noting that "the socks examine the walking stride. They can quantify movements of the knee and ankle joints to find subtle irregularities that require therapy. The socks also monitor a patient's progress."

  • Other projects focus on developing tools to image, sense and record brain function to treat Parkinson's disease, as well as other neurological diseases, such as epilepsy. 

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