Adaptive Biotechnologies Provides Open-Access to the Deepest Immunosequencing Dataset of Unique B-cell Receptors (BCRs) for Immunology Research

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Adaptive Biotechnologies, the leader in combining next generation sequencing (NGS) and expert bioinformatics to profile T- and B-cell receptors of the adaptive immune system, expanded the world's largest public immunosequencing database, which includes approximately 263 million unique T- and B-cell sequences, by adding open-access to more than 37 million unique BCR sequences from healthy adult donors. This depth of BCR sequencing data surpasses any currently existing public resource. These data were also recently published online in PLOS ONE, "A Public Database of Memory and Naïve B-Cell Receptor Sequences."

The published study provides estimates of the clonal diversity of the naive and memory B-cell repertoires of healthy individuals, and it provides a set of examples that illustrate the utility of the database—including several views of the basic properties of immunoglobulin heavy chain sequences, such as rearrangement length, subunit usage, and somatic hypermutation positions and dynamics. These data, along with new companion analysis tools, provide researchers a new window of possibilities in their exploration of the fundamental properties of BCR repertoires and are available through Adaptive's Published Projects open-access database.

"Ensuring the research community has access to the highest quality immunosequencing data is a priority for Adaptive," says Harlan Robins, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder of Adaptive Biotechnologies. "A database of this magnitude for BCR sequences is a prime example of the powerful capabilities of our immunoSEQ® technology and could help clinical and basic researchers better understand healthy disease states."

Adaptive is committed to continually growing the Published Projects database which includes a set of online tools designed to facilitate the visualization and analysis of the data. Providing open-access to these massive datasets enables researchers in the broader immunology community to make actionable discoveries which may lead clinicians to better patient care.

About Adaptive Biotechnologies®

Adaptive Biotechnologies is the pioneer and leader in combining high-throughput sequencing and expert bioinformatics to profile T-cell and B-cell receptors. Adaptive is bringing the accuracy and sensitivity of its immunosequencing platform into laboratories around the world to drive groundbreaking research in cancer and other immune-mediated diseases. Adaptive also translates immunosequencing discoveries into clinical diagnostics and therapeutic development to improve patient care. For more information, please visit

About the immunoSEQ® Platform

Adaptive's immunoSEQ Platform helps researchers make discoveries in areas such as oncology, autoimmune disorders, infectious diseases and basic immunology. The immunoSEQ Assays can identify millions of T- and B-cell receptors from a single sample in exquisite detail. Offered as a Service or Kit, immunoSEQ Assays provide quantitative, reproducible sequencing results along with access to powerful, easy-to-use analysis tools. The immunoSEQ Assays are for research use only and are not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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