iRhythm launches myZIO smartphone app to help diagnose cardiac arrhythmias

iRhythm Technologies on Wednesday announced the launch of its myZIO smartphone app and website that aims to "provide additional data for physicians to help rule-in or rule-out arrhythmias sooner in the diagnostic pathway." Patients using the company's ZIO continuous cardiac monitoring service can now record their heart symptoms with these engagement tools and have their care adjusted accordingly, iRhythm said.

Specifically, the app allows patients to digitally record irregular heartbeat symptoms and associated activities, and also enhances their ZIO service experience "by providing education, reminders, answering common questions and offering recommendations on the use of the ZIO Patch," iRhythm said. According to the company, information from the app potentially eliminates the need for additional testing.

iRhythm said its FDA-cleared and CE-marked ZIO service, which includes the ZIO Patch, algorithms and ZIO Report, can record, store and analyse every heartbeat for up to 14 days, and has been found to significantly increase detection of cardiac arrhythmias, compared with the traditional Holter monitor, which has a 48-hour window. In April, the company announced study results indicating that the ZIO service also increased detection and diagnosis of silent atrial fibrillation in asymptomatic high-risk patients.

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