Lightpoint Medical's LightPath imaging system gains CE mark

Lightpoint Medical announced Monday that its LightPath imaging system gained the CE mark. The company said the system, which is its first product offering, is the "first approved medical device for intra-operative molecular imaging in the world."

According to Lightpoint, the system is designed for operating room use to help surgeons ensure they have removed all cancerous tissue in a single procedure. Specifically, the system detects Cerenkov luminescence and could potentially reduce the number of repeat operations for breast cancer, the company said, adding the system "provides the potential for optical imaging of numerous cancer types."

The LightPath imaging system, which was developed with Lightpoint's R&D partner, Sagentia, was launched last month at the congress of the European CanCer Organisation (ECCO), with the company planning to launch the system in the US next year.

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