St. Jude Medical's Infinity DBS system receives CE mark approval

St. Jude Medical announced Tuesday that its Infinity deep brain stimulation (DBS) system and directional DBS lead gained CE mark approval. The company noted that the system "is the only upgradeable DBS system available to patients battling movement disorders," adding that its features "provide an improved, more intuitive experience" for those with Parkinson's disease, tremor and dystonia.

According to St. Jude Medical, Bluetooth wireless technology allows communication between the DBS platform and Apple digital devices, which are used as patient and physician controllers. Also, because the system is upgradable, patients will have "access to the latest technology and therapy options and new modes of stimulation as they are approved via software upgrades, avoiding the need to undergo repeat surgery," the device maker added.

Meanwhile, St. Jude Medical indicated that its DBS lead allows physicians to adapt treatment to a patient's specific needs while avoiding stimulating areas that could result in side effects. The company said the Infinity platform and directional lead were designed based on doctor input "demonstrating a clear need for improved stimulation targeting, device longevity and a maintenance-free, non-rechargeable battery."

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