HelpAround's Alert app implements real-time Apple HealthKit data

HelpAround recently launched the emergency contact Alert app, which it said is the "first health app to act in real-time on incoming Apple HealthKit data." The company noted that when used on an Apple iOS device and granted access to HealthKit's blood glucose data, the app immediately notifies users to send an alert when a glucose reading falls outside of a predefined range.

"Multiple apps are working together to help users," remarked CEO Yishai Knobel, adding that "the beauty of HealthKit is that the transfer of all the medical data between the apps is now automatic."

According to the company, the app also lets users with chronic conditions who are caught in physical or emotional distress to manually alert and conference-in contacts so that they can troubleshoot the situation together. Specifically, the user can create an alert by shaking the phone or tapping a large red button, which sends a text message with their exact location to three pre-designated helpers. Knobel remarked "in times of trouble it is imperative for anyone to be able to easily reach the most trusted people in their lives."

HelpAround said the Alert app can be downloaded on iOS and Android mobile phones, while the users' contacts do not need to use a smartphone in order to receive alerts. The company indicated that it expects to launch an Apple Watch version of the app later this year.

Last September, a report said Stanford University Hospital and Duke University planned to launch trials of patients with diabetes and chronic disease using Apple's HealthKit.

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