Study: Google Glass app could produce instant diagnostic test results

Study results published Thursday in the journal ACS Nano suggest that a Google Glass application and server platform have been developed to perform instant diagnostic testing for a variety of diseases and health conditions. Lead researcher Aydogan Ozcan said that "with our app for Google Glass and our remote computing and data analysis power, we can provide quantified biomedical test results for individual patients, plus analyse all those data to determine whether an outbreak is imminent."

The app uses the Google Glass built-in camera to take an image of a diagnostic test, which is transmitted to a server for digital processing while a quantified diagnostic result is sent back to the user. In pilot studies, researchers reportedly used the method with HIV and prostate-specific antigen (PSA) assays, where the results were available within eight seconds for each individual test.

The authors said that the "rapid diagnostic test reader platform running on Google Glass...can be quite useful for real-time spatiotemporal tracking of various diseases and personal medical conditions, providing a valuable tool for epidemiology and mobile health."

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