Novo Nordisk gains FDA approval of two prefilled insulin pens, using FlexTouch delivery system

Novo Nordisk announced Friday that the FDA approved the prefilled insulin pens NovoLog (insulin aspart) FlexTouch and Levemir (insulin detemir ) FlexTouch. The company noted that it plans to make the insulin pens, which offer a new delivery system, available in the US within the next year.

Novo Nordisk indicated that the FlexTouch's spring-loaded dosing mechanism ensures the push button does not extend at any dose, as can happen with other prefilled pens which can be challenging at larger doses.

FlexTouch was approved by the European Commission in 2011 and has been launched in several countries, including the UK, Denmark and Japan. Novo Rapid FlexTouch was launched in Canada last year, and Levemir FlexTouch just recently gained approval in the country.

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