Revival Health Inc. Announces Strategic Partnership With Quanta Computer Inc.

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Revival Health Inc. (Revival) and Quanta Computer today announced a strategic partnership to enable U.S.-based manufacturing capabilities of millions of rapid tests for both COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) and blood biomarker tests. 

This partnership will leverage Revival's rapid testing platform LumiNow® and unique, end-to-end healthcare ecosystem—Move 78®, with Quanta's manufacturing and robotics operational expertise.   

Revival's rapid test platform, LumiNow®, enables easy-to-use, lab-free, 20-minute antigen testing for COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2).  Early testing indicates excellent sensitivity in the order of cycle-time (CT) 31 which could lead to the identification of asymptomatic persons.  The LumiNow® digital lateral flow test (LFT) and innovative spectral sensor delivers a unique combination of sensitivity, at-home use, and low cost.  LumiNow® delivers:

  • High Accuracy and Sensitivity – Innovative LFT combined with spectral sensing –quantitative verification is done by C-reactive protein (CRP) testing to concentrations as low as tens of pg./ml, which is a factor of 10x more sensitive than standard rapid-test read-out devices.
  • Easy-to-use – No user interpretation – results via Bluetooth to a smartphone app – video app guidance.
  • Secure – LumiNow® platform processes data in a secure medical cloud – IEC-62304 compliance, regulatory instances (CE, FDA, TGA, CFDA) and GDPR and HIPAA standards.
  • Rapid, At-home Results – 20-minute results on mobile device from the comfort of your home.

"Our goal is to be largest and most automated manufacturer of lateral flows assays in the United States. Our partnership with Quanta makes that a reality," states Vice President, Brandon Wu.

Quanta Computer, a Global Fortune 500 Company and one of the world's leading notebook manufacturers with capabilities in cloud computing, enterprise network solutions, mobile communications products, smart home, autotronics, IoT, AI and healthcare; brings its global production capabilities and operational innovations to the partnership.  With over 10 million square feet of manufacturing and operations across Asia, North America, Europe and South-East Asia; world-class R&D capabilities; and flexible EMS, ODM, OEM, JDM business models; Quanta provides unparalleled scalability and expertise for Revival to become a leader in "Made in America" testing capabilities.  "Quanta is excited to bring our best-in-class manufacturing capabilities to this partnership with Revival Health, to help increase Covid-19 testing supply and contribute towards mitigating the impact of this pandemic," states Vice President, Frank Chuang.

About Revival Health
Revival Health was founded to solve healthcare's biggest problem— How to deliver preventative care, early. Our mission is to make home healthcare and preventative medicine, affordable, accessible, and easy to use.  Our platform is uniquely capable of offering a robust ecosystem of hardware (testing, monitoring, and wearables), software (tracking and analytics and EHR/EMR) and services (telemedicine and pharmacy) to empower everyone to lead longer, healthier lives by predicting disease onset and deliver treatment earlier. 

We prioritize simplicity so that our technology is accessible to everyone.  Early in development, it became clear that home health care was highly fragmented and often siloed across multiple departments and therapeutic areas.  As such, we set out to build a single solution that included home testing, monitoring, telehealth and e-prescribe backed by a health dashboard and Electronic Health Records access for an easy-to-use unified solution.

Revival Health, through its consumer brand, Move 78® empowers everyone with a single platform to deliver world-class healthcare at home.  The Move 78® health app and eco-system, allows you to track and analyze your health metrics, symptom check via Artificial Intelligence, get a diagnosis from a live doctor (over 20,000 doctors available 24/7 via telemedicine), and fill prescriptions that can be delivered to your door.  From the minute you feel sick or see a change in your health or vitals, Move 78® provides a complete, easy-to-use, solution to manage any health condition, all from the comfort of your home.  For more information, please visit Revival's website at and

About Quanta Computer
Quanta Computer is a Fortune Global 500 Company and the world's leading provider for notebook computers, datacenter equipment and other technology products. Quanta provides innovative products with superior technology that range from information, communication, networking, consumer electronics, and car electronics to cloud computing infrastructure solutions. Founded in 1988, Quanta Computer is headquartered in Taiwan with major operation facilities set up in Asia, North America, South America, and Europe. Quanta Group currently employs over 90,000 employees worldwide with consolidated revenues exceeding US$38 billion for fiscal year 2020. For further information, please visit Quanta Computer's website at

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