Numi Health Launches in Winnipeg With COVID-19 Testing Clinics and Mobile Medical Services

CALGARY, Alberta, Dec. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Numi Health Inc. (NumiTM), a leading digital health company, is pleased to announce that it has officially launched in Winnipeg, MB. Residents, corporate clients and travellers will now have easy access to Numi's full stack solution for decentralized healthcare, including pop-up COVID-19 testing clinics and virtual and mobile medical services.

Numi's first local pop-up clinic is opening the first week of December at Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport. The clinic is located inside Courtyard by Marriott (780 Powerhouse Road), a 30 second walk from the departures terminal, and offers affordable rapid COVID-19 testing for travel, work and other purposes, with prices starting at $49 a test.

Numi's COVID-19 testing services are also available to local businesses, providing a layer of protection and early detection for asymptomatic employees in the workplace.

"We are excited to launch Numi in Winnipeg at a time when increased access to health and wellness services has never been more important," says Peter Verburg, founder and CEO of Numi. "Numi is proud to provide an alternative solution to traditional healthcare delivery, working with Winnipeggers on their terms and schedule while helping to ease the burden on the local healthcare system."

At the core of Numi's business is mobile medical services and virtual care. Services can be ordered through Numi's mobile app, and a member of the company's experienced and friendly medical team will travel directly to patients to administer care. Mobile services currently offered by Numi practitioners include COVID-19 viral and antibody testing, general bloodwork, custom test panels such as progesterone, hormone and pregnancy testing for women and hormone testing for men, sexual health screening including HIV testing, and a range of general wellness services such as colon cancer screening, heart and kidney health testing, and Vitamin D and B12 testing.

The first of its kind to market in Canada, Numi has elevated the standard of how patients across Central and Western Canada receive care. The company is now administering its range of services to thousands of patients each week across Winnipeg as well as Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver, with plans for continued growth.

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About Numi Health Inc.

Numi is a digital health company building the first full stack healthcare solution in Canada that includes mobile medical services. The platform has been designed by a team of health professionals and tech entrepreneurs who are passionate and committed to delivering improved access to medical services and more convenient care. The team includes doctors, nurses, pharmacists and infectious disease specialists. Together they deliver a customized and efficient healthcare experience through cutting-edge technology and a customer-centered approach to service delivery. For more information visit

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