Biocorp to redesign Mallya smart cap for FlexTouch insulin pens

Biocorp announced an agreement Monday for the development and distribution of a specific version of its Mallya smart add-on device that will attach directly to Novo Nordisk's disposable pre-filled FlexTouch pens to allow insulin dose logging.

Éric Dessertenne, CEO of Biocorp, said Mallya is currently not adapted for FlexTouch pen injectors, which he noted are used by "tens of millions" of patients with diabetes globally, "so we are pleased to be working to open up the possibilities of connectivity for the many patients around the world who use this pen."

The CE-marked, Bluetooth-enabled Mallya smart sensor collects dose and time of each injection from insulin pens and transfers that information in real-time to a companion software. Most of Novo Nordisk's insulins are offered with the FlexTouch pen, which is the first pre-filled insulin delivery device with no-push-button extension. "Due to the unique dosing mechanism of FlexTouch, the push button does not extend at any dose and allows insulin to be administered by pressing the low injection force button," Biocorp explained, adding that the existing Mallya device will be redesigned to meet the needs of this mechanism.

Under the agreement, Biocorp will receive an upfront payment and milestones across the development phase. Additional financial details were not disclosed. Upon successful development, Novo Nordisk will distribute the smart device in selected countries, while Biocorp will increase production volumes from 2022. 

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