Biocorp, Merck & Co. to expand scope of Mallya smart sensor used in pen injectors

Biocorp and Merck & Co. announced an agreement Thursday for the development and supply of a specific version of Mallya, a smart sensor for insulin injection pens, to monitor treatment adherence in the field of human growth hormone (HGH). Once the development is completed, the aim is to market the product globally.

Éric Dessertenne, CEO at Biocorp, remarked that "after the monitoring of patients living with diabetes, our medical device proves its usefulness and safety for children and teenagers undergoing growth hormone injection."

Mallya is a CE-marked clip-on device for pen injectors. The Bluetooth-enabled sensor collects dose and time of each injection and transfers information in real-time to a companion software. The specific version for HGH applications is intended to help children and adolescents automatically keep track of their daily injection and monitor adherence with their treatment plan.

Biocorp to manufacture the device

Following completion of different milestones, Merck has agreed to pay Biocorp around €3 million ($3.5 million) for the development of the new solution. After this phase, Biocorp will also manufacture the commercial device on behalf of Merck, generating additional revenues.

Earlier this year, Biocorp and Roche launched the Mallya smart insulin pen device in France. Mallya, which was developed by Biocorp, collects and transfers insulin data in real-time to a smartphone. It is being distributed to pharmacies in France by Roche.

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