DocBox Powered By HP Helps Enhance ICU Patient Care

DocBox®, The Clinician Assistant in Critical Care™ - the Healthcare Industry's Only Vendor-Neutral Medical IoT Platform - Helps Reduce Medical Errors and Gives ICU Nurses Up to 70 Percent More Time to Dedicate to Patient Care

WALTHAM, Mass., Aug. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- DocBox Inc., the solution provider for the healthcare industry's only vendor-neutral ICU medical IoT platform able to support multiple devices from various vendors, has selected HP as a hardware technology provider for DocBox®, The Clinician Assistant in Critical Care™, announced Bobby Shah, CEO of DocBox.

DocBox provides automated nursing documentation - capturing procedures and observations, including values and waveforms that supply administrators with actionable operational data - at the bedside of ICU patients. It automatically calculates fluid balances and clinical scores—improving accuracy, efficiency, and patient care. This integration of critical ICU patient care information has been shown to reduce documentation time by some 70 percent1, which allows staff more time for patient care. Various studies indicate that increased patient care time has a direct correlation to more positive treatment outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.

Under the OEM agreement, HP will supply its point-of-use terminals and user interface to DocBox for use in all its worldwide installations.

"DocBox began collaborating with HP in 2020 when we were looking for a hardware manufacturer that could support our planned global expansion," explained Shah. "It was important for DocBox to create an alignment with a strong, international brand well-established in healthcare. HP is an outstanding solution in terms of certification, reliability, and international healthcare standards."

"We are pleased that DocBox has chosen HP's Engage One Pro All-in-One. The Engage One Pro is durable, disinfectable2, and EMI-certified with a high level of security—which makes it ideal for critical care areas," noted Cory McElroy, VP/GM of HP Retail & Industry Solutions.

DocBox is an enabler to unify the internal data infrastructure healthcare systems require to improve patient safety and quality of care while providing an attractive ROI, added Shah.

"DocBox enables critical care to not only be at the bedside but also outside the healthcare provider's walls," Shah said. "This feature allows attending physicians to monitor their patients from anywhere, eliminating the need for them to always be on-site. This reduces down time and facilitates quicker treatment decisions."

DocBox's automation and AI replaces manual charting to reduce nursing documentation time and provides a strong technology support, so physicians have critical information where and when they need it most.

Revenue Cycle Managers, CFOs and provider boards will also appreciate studies that show DocBox can generate operational cost savings of up to $200,0003 per year per ICU bed. It also can reduce revenue cycle time by enhancing ICU cost capture and generate incremental revenue by increasing ICU medical device utilization rates.

The DocBox solution aggregates disparate live data from medical devices at the ICU bedside. Clinicians can enter observational data end view images. It is a centralized computing device that allows physicians and nurses to reduce errors and be more effective and efficient with treatment, leading to better patient outcomes.

DocBox®, The Clinician Assistant in Critical Care™ powered by HP's Engage One Pro All-in-One system, will be featured at the HIMSS21 Global Health Conference & Exhibition, August 9-12 in Las Vegas.

About DocBox Inc.

DocBox ( is dedicated to enabling data-driven healthcare. DocBox collects up to 3GB of structured data per ICU patient per day per bed and can reduce documentation time by 70 percent, giving clinicians quality time with the patient. DocBox applications allow healthcare providers to use data collected from AI, Machine Learning and Algorithms, enabling critical care to not only be at the bedside but also outside the healthcare provider's walls. The DocBox platform permits cohesive flow of data throughout the health delivery organization and provides units and hospital-wide operational metrics. It facilitates the ability to innovate utilizing rich and accurate big data sets and automatically captures billable clinical interventions.

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