Omniscient launches Quicktome brain mapping platform

Omniscient Neurotechnology on Wednesday announced the launch of its FDA 510(k)-cleared digital brain mapping platform Quicktome, which helps neurosurgeons visualise and understand a patient's brain networks prior to performing surgery. The company noted that its platform is the only brain connectomics planning software with regulatory clearances in the US, Canada and Australia.

CEO Stephen Scheeler remarked that Quicktome "is the first digital mapping platform designed to incorporate brain connectome data for neurosurgeons to improve patient outcomes," adding that the technology "breaks information down into actionable insights to inform the impact each incision will have on the patient."

According to Omniscient, the neurosurgical planning software incorporates connectomics into routine neurosurgical planning. The platform analyses millions of data points derived from a patient's magnetic resonance imaging scans. The company noted that the majority of the analysis takes place in the cloud and can be accessed on a desktop computer.

Earlier this week, Omniscient said it raised AUD 40 million ($29 million) in a Series B financing round to accelerate its research and product portfolio, and expand its science, engineering and sales teams globally. The company will also use the funds to widen market access to Quicktome.

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