NEC's AI tech helps detect colorectal neoplasia

NEC announced on Wednesday it has developed artificial intelligence (AI) technology, called Cx20, for supporting doctors in determining if colorectal lesions are neoplastic or non-neoplastic. NEC added that Cx20, which has met the CE marking requirements, will be integrated in the medical device AI diagnostic support software WISE VISION Endoscopy, with European sales expected to start this year.

NEC explained that the "software connects and interacts with existing endoscopic equipment and automatically notifies users if a lesion is possibly neoplastic based on images captured during endoscopy procedures."

According to NEC, the learning power of AI is used to combine endoscopy image information and data from the findings of expert physicians. The technology analyses still images of lesions taken with endoscopy devices, and displays a "high possibility" notification message if the AI determines that a colorectal lesion is likely to be neoplastic.

In January, NEC announced the development and Japanese launch of WISE VISION Endoscopy as an AI diagnosis-support medical device software for colonoscopies to help detect colorectal cancer. More recently, NEC said that it has developed an AI technology to help doctors detect neoplasia in Barrett's oesophagus during endoscopic procedures, representing the "first technology of its kind to comply with the requirements for CE mark labelling." 

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