Allurion unveils new weight-loss 'experience' and rebrand

Allurion Technologies on Tuesday launched what it describes as a "transformed" weight-loss programme, featuring the company's flagship Elipse gastric balloon now rebranded as the Allurion balloon. The new Allurion programme also comprises a virtual-care suite, which includes a health tracker, connected scale and app, as well as an "insights" component that offers real-time patient analytics and telehealth features.

CEO Shantanu Gaur remarked that the launch represents "the culmination of an initiative we began over a year ago to reimagine the future of weight loss, and evolve from a company that offers a product to one that offers a revolutionary experience that delivers lifelong results."

From single device to comprehensive programme

The gastric balloon, which began commercial sales in 2016, is CE-marked in Europe, and is also available in the Middle East, Latin America and Asia. It is the first and only "procedureless" medical device that can help people shed 10% to 15% of their body weight in around 16 weeks, the company said.

In addition to the gastric balloon, Allurion noted that its weight-loss solution now combines "medical, digital, and nutritional approaches to jumpstart weight loss and form lifelong healthy habits." The company said the virtual-care suite, unveiled in January, comes with tools that enable a "360-degree weight-loss experience," with patient tracking and support functions, plus access to real-time data for healthcare teams to monitor progress.

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