Bluegrass Biggs Joins Rabble Health as Chief Technology and Compliance Officer

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Rabble Health Inc. announced today that Bluegrass Biggs, PhD, joined the company as its new Chief Technology and Compliance Officer (CTCO).

"Bluegrass is a highly accomplished scientist, technologist, and life sciences executive. He's incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, and grounded in principles," said Aubrey Kelly, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Rabble Health, adding, "It's rare to find someone with the expertise to both translate a deeply technical vision into a robust product line and anchor in the appropriate security, compliance, and ethical standards for patient data. We found that person in Bluegrass and are honored that he has joined our team."

Before joining Rabble Health, Biggs provided Roche, Pfizer, Glaxo-Smith-Kline and other renowned life sciences companies with global program management and regulatory compliance consulting services through his consulting firm BiggsB, Inc.

"Aubrey is an exceptional leader with deep industry knowledge and the drive to get things done," Biggs said. "I look forward to working with her to scale our team and build visionary products."

Biggs started working with Rabble Health when the company was founded in early 2020. The myRabble web and mobile applications were developed and scaled within nine months.

"Through Bluegrass, we as a company were able to grow from an initial idea into a tangible product line. I have complete confidence that through his leadership we will be able to continue to produce an exceptional and disruptive line of products and services that have an exemplary standard of quality, transparency, and security. It's a privilege to formally welcome him as Chief Technology and Compliance Officer," Kelly said.

About Rabble Health

Founded in 2020 with a strong desire to transform healthcare, Rabble Health, a digital health company, is on a mission to address the information crisis in complex disease. The company's first product line, myRabble™, serves as a personalized patient engagement solution designed to address health disparities in the cancer setting. myRabble™ empowers patients to have more choice, clarity, and connection as they manage through a cancer diagnosis. myRabble's initial focus is breast cancer. Read more at


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