Roche, Biocorp launch Mallya smart insulin pen device in France

Roche and Biocorp announced on Tuesday the launch in France of the Mallya smart insulin pen device, which collects and transfers insulin data in real time to a smartphone. Mallya, which was developed by Biocorp, is being distributed to pharmacies in France by Roche through a previously announced collaboration that is being finalised by the companies.

Biocorp CEO Eric Dessertenne remarked that Roche's "vast distribution network in pharmacies and the connection of our innovative device to its Gluci-Chek solution present undeniable benefits for all healthcare professionals but also…for diabetic patients." Meanwhile, Frédéric Jacquey, president of Roche Diabetes Care France, added that with Mallya, "we are currently the only company to offer a quality solution based on a CE marked medical device."

According to Roche and Biocorp, the rechargeable, smart device is compatible with most disposable insulin pens and automatically collects and transfers insulin data with almost 100% accuracy. Once Mallya is installed and connected to Roche's Gluci-Chek application, the patient selects and injects their insulin units as usual, with date, time and dose data being selected automatically. The data is automatically transferred to the Gluci-Chek app, and can be shared with healthcare professionals for patient monitoring.

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