Data, analytics, machine learning, and AI in healthcare in 2021 - (ZDNet via NewsPoints Desk)

  • The results of a new survey conducted by Gradient Flow focusing on the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare were recently unveiled, reported ZDNet. 

  • A total of 373 respondents from 49 countries participated in the survey with 27% of respondents holding technical leadership roles. 

  • When asked what technologies they plan to have in place by the end of the year, almost half of respondents cited data integration. About one-third cited natural language processing and business intelligence among the technologies they currently use or are planning to use by the end of 2021.

  • Meanwhile, respondents were classified as to the level of maturity their organizations have in using AI technology in 3 segments - exploring, early stage, and mature. When reporting on the users of the applications their organizations are building, clinicians, healthcare providers, and patients were the largest groups reported, at 54%, 45%, and 34% respectively.

  • ZDNet noted the high percentage of applications aimed at drug development professionals in mature organizations: 43%, over 21% on average.

  • The survey also looked at the low utilization of different types of data. Text and structured data are prevalent, medical images and time series data are also used, but audio and video data are still mostly untapped.

  • Gradient Flow principal Ben Lorica noted that audio and video tend to be more advanced capabilities. However, early stage organizations seem to be using audio and video far more, meaning more audio and video data could be utilized soon, the news source reported.

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