Pulse Infoframe & Quinten Health Partner to Advance Precision Medicine Through Real-World Evidence Generation

LONDON, ON, March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- As precision medicine increasingly becomes a reality, there is a need for advancements in generating real-world evidence to drive future care models and novel treatment options. Through a new global partnership between health informatics companies Pulse Infoframe and Quinten Health, life sciences companies focused on rare disease, cancer and chronic conditions can now design and conduct real-world studies using a full suite of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) technologies.

Pulse Infoframe recently released healthie™ 2.0, which provides the infrastructure to add disease-specific, natural history, genomics, proteomics and third-party data in a manner that respects global privacy, security and data quality needs. The healthie™ platform has collected data used in 50 peer-reviewed, published articles to date. healthie™ 2.0 is the platform behind the National Kidney Foundation's newly released NKF Patient Network, a patient registry for chronic kidney disease.

"healthie™ 2.0 provides the appropriate level of access to deep and quality real-world data to conduct regulatory-grade research," says Dr. Billy Amzal, CEO of Quinten Health. "Together with our AI/ML and predictive analytics tools, we can now accelerate and advance precision medicine."

Quinten Health masters real-world data science, ML/AI and natural language processing applied to biomedical literature.

For example, Quinten Health performs high-performance and interpretable patient profiling with Q-Finder®. This proprietary machine learning algorithm was designed to identify and characterize sub-groups of patients with a similar course of disease, with higher differentiation versus the standard of care or with higher benefit/risk profiles for a drug, therapeutic strategy or health policy. Q-Finder® has proven to be instrumental in, for example, drug responders identification or fast progressors profiling. See https://www.quinten-health.com/use-cases/patient-profiling for more details.

"We are excited to partner with Quinten Health and have been impressed by their approach to extract interpretable and actionable evidence for research and development," says Dr. Femida Gwadry-Sridhar, founder and CEO of Pulse Infoframe. "Researchers and life sciences companies can now benefit from Quinten Health's expertise to drive pharmacological research at all stages of the drug lifecycle by conducting complex analyses via AI to identify patterns and insights that cannot be easily identified through traditional methods."

Users of the solutions created through this new partnership will also have access to global expertise in drug development and evidence generation and analysis. Quinten Health has experience working with global health agencies and the life sciences industry, and Pulse Infoframe similarly has long-standing relationships with pharma, as well as a global network of key opinion leaders and academic research partners. Together, Pulse Infoframe and Quinten Health will enable the life sciences ecosystem to accelerate time to market by delivering and generating purpose-driven insights and evidence.

About Quinten Health

Quinten Health, headquartered in Paris, France, is a spin-off from Quinten, the French pioneer in artificial intelligence and interpretable data science, applied to healthcare since 2008. Quinten Health is a team of 50+ healthcare data scientists, modelers and biomedical and public health experts specialized in real-world data and have delivered over 350+ projects.

Quinten Health provides healthcare stakeholders (industry, hospitals and regulatory agencies) with advanced real-world data science solutions to improve patient outcomes by enabling precision medicine.

More information can be found on Quinten Health's website : https://www.quinten-health.com/.

About Pulse Infoframe Inc.

Deployed globally and focused on cancer and rare and chronic diseases, Pulse Infoframe is a real-world evidence generation, health informatics and analytics company that has created a technology and services platform designed to extract, curate, analyze and disseminate evidence-based conclusions for the purpose of accelerating research, advancing therapeutic treatment options and improving the quality of life of patients.

Pulse Infoframe provides a full solution for registries, natural history studies and a range of other observational and regulatory grade studies. The company designs, implements and launches global registries, with dynamic patient consent models, FDA level data standardization (required for global studies and analytics) and data compliance. Pulse Infoframe has relationships with key opinion leaders, providers and industry. Using its in-house expertise and experience, the company addresses their requirements throughout the product development continuum from research to market access. More information can be found on Pulse Infoframe's website: www.pulseinfoframe.com

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Nina Liu

SOURCE Pulse Infoframe Inc.

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