Biocorp, Diabeloop to integrate automated solutions into smart insulin pens

Biocorp and Diabeloop on Friday announced a co-development agreement that will incorporate Biocorp's Mallya intelligent sensor for insulin injection pens into Diabeloop's technology, providing patients with diabetes a "simple and personalised" treatment option. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Biocorp CEO Eric Dessertenne suggested that "the technological platform developed by Diabeloop in the field of insulin pumps, which reproduces the functioning of the pancreas thanks to [artificial intelligence], has real potential in the insulin pen market." He added that users of these smart pens are "looking for digital services that are increasingly rich in information and advice for better compliance with their insulin intake."

Diabeloop's DBLG1 system, the company's first medical device for automated diabetes management, obtained the CE mark in 2018 for type 1 diabetes. The self-learning system, linked to a continuous blood glucose monitoring system and insulin patch pump, analyses glucose data, calculates the correct insulin dose to be administered and automatically administers it. Last year, Diabeloop gained the CE mark for its DBL-hu automated management solution, which is designed to improve glycaemic control in those with highly unstable type 1 diabetes.

Meanwhile, Biocorp's CE-marked Mallya intelligent sensor, which is compatible with any disposable insulin pen, "enables reliable monitoring of doses selected for injection and offers patients with diabetes better compliance with their treatment," the company said. 

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