ClinOne Adds eSource to Its Clinical Research Platform to Fill Unmet Customer Need for Reliable Source Data Verification and Remote Site Monitoring Readiness

DENVER (PRWEB)March 03, 2021

ClinOne, a leader in virtual clinical trial management, today announced the addition of eSource to fill an unmet customer need for reliable source data verification and remote site monitoring readiness. ClinOne supports eSource data captured directly by its solutions, including from electronic informed patient consent, connected devices, and ePRO diaries, along with scanned third-party forms and images, with the seamless experience that only a single platform can provide.

eSource by ClinOne enables sites to evolve beyond antiquated error-prone paper binders in favor of a modern, efficient, and reliable workflow using a mobile tablet. The ClinOne platform makes it easy to redact personally identifiable information, upload documents, and centralize data and documents for review, sign-off, and reporting.

"eSource is easily the most frequently requested addition to our platform," said Rob Bohacs (LinkedIn), CEO and co-founder of ClinOne. "Sponsors, monitors, and sites all want the same things - to reduce exorbitant on-site monitoring burden and cost, mitigate data quality risk, and gain real-time insights into what is happening in the trial. And they want it all in a single platform with a unified experience, which is precisely what ClinOne provides."

Current paper-based processes inherently present numerous challenges and inefficiencies. Entries may be incomplete, illegible or lost; they cannot be searched and are hard to review; and they cannot uncover key risk indicators (e.g. if an investigator has a backlog of ePRO reviews sitting in a queue). Unlike paper, eSource ensures high quality data, provides real-time access to robust reports, and helps customers identify and resolve potential concerns before they become substantial issues for the trial.

"Each clinical research site, especially in a large global trial, has its own unique processes and quality standards for the accuracy, efficiency, and timeliness of organizing documents for review," said Mindy Gruba, MPH (LinkedIn), Senior Director of Product at ClinOne. "By automating data centralization and streamlining workflows, eSource ensures consistency for source data verification and improves remote monitoring preparedness. Simply put, eSource on the ClinOne platform makes every site your best site."

While the clinical research industry has no shortage of point solutions for many individual aspects of a clinical trial, ClinOne stands apart in its ability to provide a singular and consistent eSource experience to its customers and their sites.

"As a trusted eSource technology partner, the quality, security, and accessibility of our customers' digital endpoint data is second-to-none," added Bohacs. "Backed by proven technology and a world-class team of experienced clinical research experts, we take full accountability of eSource data to provide customers with peace of mind so they can focus on what really matters - developing new treatments to improve the lives of our patients and families around the world."

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