How Data And AI Will Continue To Change Healthcare In 2021 - (Forbes via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Pegasus Tech Ventures CEO Anis Uzzaman said that healthcare technology companies are more visible than ever in 2021 because the COVID-19 pandemic has made innovative solutions involving data top of mind, Forbes reported on Thursday.

  • This year, "I expect to see major growth and rapid demand for artificial intelligence [AI] and machine learning in healthcare," he said, adding that AI startups are innovating to the benefit of patients.

  • "Despite 2020 being a massive year for investments in the healthcare industry, I anticipate there will still be sufficient investment opportunities for investors in 2021," Uzzaman noted.

  • "I recommend investors do their due diligence to differentiate companies with value propositions that will enable them to be successful beyond the short-term COVID-19 environment," he added.

  • As there are a variety of financing options available for mid-to-late-stage companies and that "healthcare is one of the sectors with the greatest investor appetite, most of the top companies will likely already have secured financing or will be in discussions for opportunities that may include generous valuations given their recent track record," Uzzaman said.

  • "Therefore, investors could start to look for earlier-stage companies with strong teams that are targeting markets that have long-term cyclical staying power and growth prospects, " he added.

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