Moda Health and Teladoc Health Partner to Help Oregonians and Alaskans with Diabetes Live Healthier, Happier Lives with New Technology

PORTLAND, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Moda Health today announced a pioneering collaboration with Teladoc Health that will bring the industry leading Livongo for diabetes management program to Moda members throughout Oregon. This partnership will provide the technology to help Oregonians with diabetes better manage their own health.

"More than 306,000 Oregonians and 41,000 Alaskans have diabetes and over another 100,000 in both states have it but don't know it," said Robin Richardson, Senior Vice President of Moda Health and recent chair of the American Diabetes Association. "The future of healthcare is all about empowering people to better manage their own health and live happier lives."

Approximately 34 million Americans suffer from diabetes and Moda Health has long been a leader in utilizing technology to help develop effective management programs. Qualifying members that enroll in the Livongo for diabetes management program will receive a cellular-connected blood glucose meter, testing supplies delivered directly to their homes, and access to health coaches at no cost to the member.

"We are excited about the opportunity to empower Moda Health members with tools and insights that simplify ongoing health management," said Teladoc Health Chief Medical Officer, Product & Analytics, Dr. Bimal Shah. "This is a great example of how we can foster innovative partnerships that improve the healthcare experience for consumers, leading to better overall health outcomes."

Moda Health began integrating the Livongo for diabetes management program into its benefits for its plans starting November 1, 2020. Initially, the Livongo for diabetes management program will be available to Moda's Individual members as well as Small and Large Group Fully Insured members in Oregon and Alaska, and will soon be offered to Medicare Advantage, Summit Health Plan, and ASO members.

About Moda

Founded in 1955, Oregon-based Moda is a company committed to building healthier communities. In addition to its more than 1 million dental lives, Moda has over 330,000 members in its medical plans and more than 1 million members in its stand-alone pharmacy segment. The Moda family of enterprises includes Moda Health, Delta Dental Plan of Oregon/Alaska, ODS Community Dental, Eastern Oregon Community Care Organization, Ardon Health, BenefitHelp Solutions, Astra Practice Partners, Dental Commerce Corporation, Healthy Grid, Arrow Dental, and Summit Health.



Source: Moda Health

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