Israeli startup looks to improve IVF for millions of couples - (The Jerusalem Post via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Startup Embryonics has developed an in vitro fertilisation (IVF) technology, called Ubar, that uses artificial intelligence to select which embryo to implant in the patient, The Jerusalem Post reported.

  • According to the company, Ubar outperformed a panel of embryologists in predicting which embryos will result in pregnancy by about 20%, and the technology outperformed the experts by nearly 30% in recommending which embryos not to use.

  • Embryonics' ongoing clinical study has reported its first six pregnancies while five other participants are awaiting test results.

  • The technology is expected to get clearance in Europe in the next few weeks to begin use in hospitals, and the company plans a US clinical trial at several sites with the expectation of obtaining FDA approval by the end of 2021.

  • Ubar uses new advances in machine learning, and was developed on a data set from tens of thousands of IVF cycles, including time-lapse videos of embryos.

  • The company is also using the technology to create personalised hormonal treatments for IVF patients, with CEO Yael Zamir noting that "all this together...will improve the overall success rate of an IVF process by an average of 10%," adding that "we are not trying to mimic the human expert, we are introducing a new level of accuracy."

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