CES 2021 ForeAider creates non-wearable nursing aid for elders with sleeping problems

TAIPEI, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- A company founded primarily by nursing staff, physicians and senior engineers in Taiwan, has developed a non-wearable nursing aid for elders as a solution for discomfort with using wearables during sleep.

"Many elderly people are reluctant to go to bed using wearable devices. We want to provide intimate care services without changing our original habits. Filial piety is made simple, so that older people are truly respected. Based on this belief, we develop a nursing aid that can help caregivers be "non-wearable and suitable for most mattresses," said Ian Lo, ForeAider Founder and General Manager.

A smart pad designed to help the elders

The company created a sleep sensing pad based on micro-motion technology - ForeAider Z Smart Sensing Pad-lite, and ForeAider Z Smart Sensing Pad-standard. ForeAider Z is an invisible sensing technology that is always by your side. ForeAider's dedication brings you peace of mind.

"Our contact-free, high sensitivity technology can be used in mattresses which are less than 25 cm in thickness. This means there is no more need to wear sensors, no monitor; the sensing interface unobtrusively integrates into the living environment of the elderly," Lo said.

He said the contact-free monitoring technology under the mattress can generate stable and accurate signal, and record measurements for each condition. ForeAider Z is made of flexible soft air cushion and is made of plastic material; it is durable and not easily damaged.

"It has been verified that the signals of commercially available pocket-spring mattresses or latex mattresses can be stably recorded. It takes only 60 seconds to convert an ordinary bed into a smart bed," Lo said.

Healthcare is more than just being comfortable 

Another very useful feature of ForeAider Z Smart Sensing Pad-lite is the "pat the mattres" action to call for help when lying on the bed or falling down at the bedside. For instance, when lying in bed, users can simply pat the mattress for 5 seconds consecutively. When a "beep" is heard, the call notification can be sent. In addition, if one falls at the bedside, one can also pat the mattress to notify the caregiver.

It also features a 2-stage alert for in-bed and out-of-bed detection where caregivers can set an out-of-bed condition, which alerts them when their elderly went out of bed longer than usual. Users may adjust the response time based on circumstances.

The device's main source through a remote connection. It also features an automatic inflating mechanism and air cushion damage alert.

ForeAider Z Smart Sensing Pad-standard features heart rate and respiratory rate measurement of the elderly during sleep.

"It also features human body micromotion measurement and status determination such as out-of-bed, roll over, falling asleep, etc.," said Lo.

The solution for the local aging society

ForeAider's products come very useful as the percentage of Taiwan's population aged 65 or more now stands at 15 percent in 15 of the country's municipalities, with fewer births than deaths recorded island-wide this year, based on a report by Taiwan News. Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) has also selected Foreaider as one of the 100 featured Taiwanese startups to showcase at CES 2021.

The report said that the latest Ministry of the Interior statistics indicate the 15 municipalities where people aged 65 and over account for more than 15 percent of the total population include: Taipei City, Tainan City, and Kaohsiung City, wrote UDN. The aging population is particularly acute in Chiayi County, where nearly 20 percent of residents are 65 or more. According to WHO, a nation is defined as an aged society when 14 percent of its population is over the age of 65. It becomes a super-aged society when the senior population exceeds 20 percent.

CES 2021 TTA-VR Pavilion: https://pse.is/39ztqe

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