Further and Trustedoctor merge to create end to end digital serious illness insurance solutions, increasing affordable access to world-leading medical expertise

Further, the global leader in the design and development of cross-border insurance solutions for serious illnesses, and Trustedoctor, the award-winning digital healthcare platform specialising in access to world-leading international medical expertise, have completed a merger.

  • This merger will bring together two highly complementary leaders in speciality serious illness insurance solutions and digital healthcare services

  • Combining the expertise of Further and Trustedoctor will establish a brand-new healthcare solution category, focused on accelerating borderless access to world-leading medical expertise

  • The first holistic healthcare insurance solution of its kind will cater for the full spectrum of healthcare needs and address accelerating consumer demand for access to specialist healthcare providers, without geographical restrictions

Bringing together the joint expertise of Further and Trustedoctor will respond more comprehensively to the fast-growing demand from insurers and employers to provide affordable solutions for the treatment of serious medical conditions at the hands of the world’s leading medical experts.

The combined entity will consolidate Further and Trustedoctor as a truly global leader in tailored healthcare solutions for serious medical conditions. The company will have business in over 30 countries and partnerships with over 300 insurers and employers.

Speaking about the merger, CEO of Further Frank Ahedo said:

“By merging, Further and Trustedoctor are leading the way in affordable insurance solutions for serious illnesses. Both organisations share the same fundamental principle: a belief that it should be as easy as possible for patients with serious medical conditions to access the best medical specialists and treatment options, wherever they are in the world. Together, we will continue to remove financial and logistical hurdles faced by consumers that want to access the very best treatment when faced with a serious illness.”

Greg Jarząbek, CEO of Trustedoctor added:

“This highly strategic merger will create a new market-leader in borderless, complete healthcare solution and provide a unique opportunity for us to collectively grow our network of doctors and hospitals. This will ultimately mean that more patients see the benefits of world-leading medical expertise.”

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