VacciBand empowers users to re-enter social settings with complete control while reducing social tensions associated with gatherings

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (PRWEB)January 04, 2021

VacciBand™ is the start of a new product and software category built to manage and verify vaccination status and user identity giving complete control to the user.

As people begin to vaccinate against the SARS CoV-2 / COVID-19 virus, institutions and municipalities across the globe begin making plans to safely return people to job-sites, educational institutions, offices and social settings during the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, a new, user-friendly health and wellness platform powered by AI and machine learning coupled with an accessory platform has been introduced to verify vaccination status that quickly and securely verifies the status of employees, customers, and visitors in social settings, at work and at play.

The new web-based app empowers people to control their vaccination records and take back their privacy with a streamlined solution to quickly and efficiently verify status and level of identity associated with a vaccination record. This includes a thin and lightweight VacciBand™ worn on the wrist or finger with an embedded secure NFC element as well as an easily scannable QR code that directs the user to a web based secure verification environment where identity and vaccination verification are shared with complete control.

Upon scan of VacciBand™ - the scanning party is taken to a secure page that quickly loads the Verifiable Credentials (VC's) a user chooses to share. Users can choose to share, name and / or image or simply share a verified badge representing their vaccination status. The user is in complete control of shared data as well as when and where they were scanned. A text message is sent directly to the user informing them that their VacciBand™ has been scanned with location and time. Users have immediate control of the VacciBand™ and can activate, deactivate and even pause a band insuring their privacy from the convenience of their mobile phones. Complete control is in the hands of the user.

Being deployed globally with a select group of partners that include nationwide mass market retailers as well as leading insurance providers, "VacciBand™ and the secure environment will allow users to adapt, and manage to the new normal," said Mathew Maione, CIO for VacciBand™.

Andy Fathollahi, co-founder of VacciBand™, said, "COVID-19 has illuminated the challenges people face daily. VacciBand™ is easily identifiable and easily verifiable."

The web-based app is an essential tool for users, 100% HIPAA compliant and securely built on industry leading standards using end-to-end encryption. Those scanning will be presented with a globally available SSL secured web page that immediately verifies the vaccination status of the user. Vaccination cards are uploaded to VacciBand's secure servers where they are analyzed using Machine Learning to compare and anonymously verify vaccination cards provided by health care agencies. With the ever-evolving landscape of vaccinations and proof of vaccinations, the machine learning algorithm will flex and adapt to those changes while maintaining complete security and anonymity. "Users looking for an automated, confidential and secure method to verify vaccinations will instinctively be drawn to a representation of their status. After all we've been wearing wedding bands and bangles for thousands of years to show our status publicly," stated Andy Fathollahi, CEO of VacciBand™.

VacciBand™ is a health verification platform powered by AI. Based in Newport Beach, Ca VacciBand™ is the brainchild of serial entrepreneurs and cofounders Jeff Conner, Andy Fathollahi and Mathew Maione. Coming off of two highly successful ventures; the team is taking their hardware expertise and formidable software development skills to new heights with VacciBand™. VacciBand™ will be available at retail globally in 2021 and on-line at

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