England launches trial of revamped contact-tracing app - (Channel News Asia via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Britain's health ministry on Thursday launched its delayed contact tracing app for COVID-19 with fresh trials in England after technical issues prompted a change of system, as reported Channel News Asia.

  • A smartphone app developed by the NHS was initially expected to be launched in May but did not materialise, and the government moved away from a home-grown model in June to a system developed by Apple and Google.

  • "We've worked with tech companies, international partners, privacy and medical experts to develop an app that is simple to use, secure and will help keep the country safe," said health minister Matt Hancock.

  • The app will be tested on the Isle of Wight, as the first app was, as well as with healthcare workers, with the ministry noting that the app was designed with privacy in mind "so it tracks the virus, not people."

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