Improvement of nucleic acid testing encouraged - (China Daily via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Feng Luzhao, a researcher with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that China has urged efforts to improve nucleic acid testing capabilities of COVID-19, particularly expanding the scope of tests on key groups, as reported China Daily on Wednesday.

  • Large-scale tests on key groups, units and venues aimed at finding potential infection and minimising the risk of virus transmission, which includes close contacts, fever patients and caretakers, as well as medical institutions, senior care centres and child welfare institutions, Feng said.

  • For other groups, such as students who return to school, personnel who resume work and staff who work at public transportation sites, China will offer nucleic acid tests in an orderly manner to those who request one, he said.

  • He noted that the expansion of nucleic acid testing will help improve precise prevention and control, while better safeguarding public health.

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