Coronavirus Australia: Health Minister Greg Hunt will look at keeping some telehealth after coronavirus pandemic ends - (The Sydney Morning Herald via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Australia's health minister Greg Hunt wants doctors to continue treating patients via telehealth post-COVID-19, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

  • A spokesman for the health minister said Hunt had been working on the telehealth reforms with the sector, including the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and the Australian Medical Association.

  • "Hunt is already engaged with the medical community and other key participants in planning a long-term future for telehealth," the spokesman said.

  • The move follows an RACGP survey of almost 1200 GPs that found 99% of participants were now offering consultations via phone or video.

  • RACGP president Harry Nespolon said telehealth "does provide efficient effective care in about 40% of cases; doctors like it, patients like it."

  • Hunt's spokesman said the government was "actively monitoring" how the telehealth services were working after they were implemented within just two weeks, adding that "clinical efficacy and safety, patients' and providers' experiences, and assessment of quality and value of services will be considered."

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