U.S. arms makers and medical device firms team up to make ventilators - (This is Money via NewsPoints Desk)

  • According to sources working on the project, US weapons makers have partnered with medical device companies in a project called Vent Connect to increase the supply of ventilators that can be used in the coronavirus pandemic, as reported This is Money.

  • Vent Connect includes the Aerospace Industries Association and the Advanced Medical Technology Association and has created the marketplace that is serving as a new avenue for the ventilator supply chain.

  • According to an AdvaMed representative, a handful of ventilator makers including ResMed and Zoll post requests in the ventilator parts marketplace to a group of 60 weapons and airplane makers to help meet surging demand for the devices.

  • Meanwhile, Medtronic has released a parts list with over 1500 items to see if there was any crossover with the defense supply chain, two of the people said.

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