LifeNome Launches COVID-19 Severity Predisposition Assessment and Risk Evaluator (SPARE)

NEW YORK, April 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In response to both public and private interest, LifeNome has developed the COVID-19 SPARE (Severity Predisposition Assessment and Risk Evaluation) product. SPARE provides individuals with information and a risk assessment of their potential risk of a severe COVID infection response given their current health, demographics (age, gender, ethnicity), health history (chronic pre-conditions), and personal DNA data (when available).  

The AI-powered platform is based on an assessment of thousands of COVID patient data and the U.K. Biobank datasets. Rather than the DNA-based assessment of the COVID infection itself, which is currently under investigation by LifeNome and many other research organizations in the world, The DNA-based portion of the product focuses on predispositions for the top known comorbidities of COVID-19 identified in datasets of more than 10,000 New Yorkers.   

The solution leverages an A.I.-calibrated personalized assessment of demographic data, lifestyle risk factors, known pre-conditions alongside with the DNA-based predisposition assessment of the comorbidity traits, and then combines them based on the respective weights for the individual's unique characteristics. In total, it is providing overall informational vulnerability risk assessment for severe infections. The assessment is statistical using the best available science at any given time. It does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.  

"Given that new data and scientific understanding of COVID-19 is emerging all the time, we have started with the comorbidity predispositions as a first step towards providing an additional level of more personalized self-assessment for individuals. As more data and scientific understanding emerges in our research collaborations with our partners, we can offer more direct assessments on the actual virus infection severity risk factors and their collective impact on the immune system," says Dr. Ali Mostahari, the CEO of LifeNome.

The risk assessment allows for a more informed and personalized decision support system for individuals to think about personalized isolation and social distancing strategies, says Mostashari. It combines insights from hundreds of COVID scientific papers, COVID patient data sets, and more than two dozen DNA-based trait assessments for comorbidity factors covered in the U.K. biobank. The risk assessment tools can be used for a more generalized risk assessment without existing DNA data. Individuals with existing DNA genotyping data from commercial genetic-based ancestry providers can upload their data to get more in-depth insights into their DNA-based predispositions. The information is continuously updated, and users are notified of any changes in the assessments based on new science and data.  

In addition to offering the SPARE product in conjunction with LifeNome's XHealth precision preventative health platform to companies as a preventative health tool for their employees and customers, LifeNome is participating in the PREPARE-IQ initiative. PREPARE-IQ is a public-private consortium of top U.S. and global research, healthcare, and technology companies that together are working on a comprehensive vulnerability assessment portal for informing public policy.

The platform is not available directly to individuals. Companies and healthcare organizations engage LifeNome both by discussing with us the SPARE solution for their use as well as to inquire about partnership and sponsorship opportunities for the Public-Private PREPARE-IQ initiative. LifeNome's partner labs can support large-scale DNA testing for those without existing DNA data. 

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