CommonSpirit Health Deploys Notable Health's Virtual Triage and Remote Monitoring Solution to Assess Patient Risk for COVID-19

SAN MATEO, Calif., April 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Notable Health, the AI-powered digital medical assistant used in physician practices and health systems across the country, announced today the deployment of the COVID-19 Virtual Triage and Remote Monitoring solution to support clinical staff in their efforts to pre-screen ambulatory patients, limit the spread of novel coronavirus and provide remote care for at-risk individuals.

Notable's COVID-19 solution is now in use at ambulatory clinics in Arizona, California and Nevada, with plans to scale broadly across the CommonSpirit Health system in the coming weeks.

By integrating seamlessly into existing technology and infrastructure, the COVID-19 solution supports clinician efforts to mitigate disease spread by prompting patients to complete a tailored screening (following CDC criteria) on their mobile device before any scheduled visit, while also providing information on relevant preventative measures and surfacing real-time updates on virus spread and containment efforts. In addition, the technology supports remote monitoring of at-risk patients, giving clinicians the data points to evaluate a patient's clinical trajectory and make necessary interventions.

"Intelligent automation has unlocked new opportunities for quality care delivery in concrete and profound ways," said Marijka Grey, MD, executive leader for transformation implementation at CommonSpirit Health. "Any virtual tools that guide our patients to the right level of care during the COVID-19 pandemic can reduce the spread of this disease and keep our patients and caregivers safe from unnecessary exposure."

Notable is offering a free rollout of the COVID-19 solution to existing and future provider and payer partners, which was prompted after a recent use case within the CommonSpirit Health system. Appropriate identification, triage and containment was triggered after a patient reported flu-like symptoms and recent travel to known COVID-19 "hot spots" as part of Notable's mobile check-in, which prompts patients to enter symptoms and medical history up to 48 hours prior to a scheduled appointment. This information had not been previously captured when the patient called to schedule the appointment. In this case, the patient was redirected to a designated, quarantined location, in accordance with emergency response protocols that protect other patients and clinical staff.

Using patient-provided data captured during the intelligent mobile intake process, the COVID-19 solution can gather clinical history and identify high-risk patients based on a customizable algorithm, automating the instant creation of a natural language HPI (history of present illness) directly within the EMR and flagging pertinent cases for clinic managers and primary responders. This allows clinicians to perform regular remote patient monitoring and deliver custom alerts to identified high-risk patients, as well as use existing integration to place relevant data into structured EMR fields.

"This technology is one part of an end-to-end platform designed to support clinical workflows in health care environments that must regularly adapt to change," said Muthu Alagappan, MD, medical director at Notable Health. "Available at no additional cost, virtual triage and remote monitoring can quickly create mass scalability for provider and payer partners. CommonSpirit Health is leading the way to engage with at-risk patients and seamlessly place captured clinical information directly into the provider workflow."

Notable's platform is a digital medical assistant for workflows that include patient registration, clinical intake, voice-to-EMR transcription, evidence-based guideline support, payer clinical connectivity, as well as coding and billing automation. In 2019, CommonSpirit Health announced a partnership with Notable Health to improve patient and provider experiences by automating health information collection and making clinical record systems interoperable. The initial phase of this partnership began within ambulatory clinics in California and has since expanded to other regions.

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Notable Health is an AI-powered health care company that puts the business of health care on autopilot. The platform provides intelligent automation to physicians and payers in the industry. Through machine vision, voice, and natural language processing, Notable proactively automates hundreds of manual repetitive tasks like adding diagnoses, orders, templates, billing codes, and more. Based in San Mateo, Calif., Notable is backed by leading investors, including Greylock Partners, F-Prime, Oak HC/FT, Maverick Ventures, and 8VC. Learn more at and follow @notablehealth.

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