Otsuka to Introduce QuickNavi-Adeno2, an Adenovirus Quick Measurement Kit

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will launch the adenovirus test kit QuickNavi™-Adeno2 to medical institutions across Japan on April 21. It is the latest product in the QuickNaviTM series of in vitro diagnostics. The QuickNavi™-Adeno2 is a testing kit that improves upon the usability and performance of QuickNavi-Adeno, detecting adenovirus infection more quickly and clearly.

Adenoviruses are a group of major pathogenic viruses that can manifest as pharyngoconjunctival fever (often called pool fever in Japan, as it is commonly spread in public pools) and epidemic keratoconjunctivitis. Infections can occur not only during the Spring and Summer, but throughout the year. These are commonly occurring infections, particularly in children, and have good prognoses. As they are highly infectious viruses, group infections occur readily, such as within families.

QuickNavi-Adeno2 is a measurement kit that uses immunochromatography for the detection of adenovirus antigens in pharyngeal swabs, keratoconjunctival wipes, nasal swabs, and from nasal aspirates. Compared to the conventional QuickNavi-Adeno, QuickNavi-Adeno2 reduces the testing time from eight minutes to five minutes. Additionally, the new visual display shows the test line in red and control line in blue, instead of displaying both lines uniformly in blue. Furthermore, QuickNavi-Adeno 2 uses the same antigen contraction materials as part of the product series including Quick Navi-Flu2, Quick Navi-RSV, Quick Navi-RSV2, QuickNavi-Flu + RSV, and QuickNavi-Mycoplasma. It is therefore possible to test the same specimen and use them across the aforementioned QuickNavi series interchangeably.

Information in this news release was current as of the original release date.

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