Medtronic introduces new remote patient monitoring solutions for COVID-19

Medtronic on Friday said it launched two new remote patient monitoring solutions designed to help assess, monitor and offer triage support for patients concerned about COVID-19 and their respiratory symptoms. The solutions include the new Respiratory Infectious Disease Health Check, offered to existing customers of Medtronic Care Management Services (MCMS), as well as the new COVID-19 Virtual Care Evaluation and Monitoring solution, which is being made available to US health systems, health plans and employers. 

"It's easy to understand why staying in self-quarantine and monitoring your own symptoms is challenging," commented Sheri Dodd, vice president and general manager of MCMS. However, she suggested that "using technology for self-reported symptom monitoring may play an important role in slowing the spread of the disease and helping escalate patient needs to their provider when appropriate."

The Respiratory Infectious Disease Health Check is being included as an add-on to all current care management programs. According to Medtronic, the solution helps patients with chronic, comorbid health conditions who are at highest risk for complications or death due to COVID-19 to track their respiratory infectious disease symptoms and body temperature through daily health checks. "The program reacts dynamically during the health check to present symptom questions based on the patient's previous responses, and provides patient education to encourage and support self-care," Medtronic said, adding that clinicians can also review the aggregated data and then decide if more intervention is needed.

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 Virtual Care Evaluation and Monitoring solution, which is being offered as a stand-alone service, uses a virtual assistant to evaluate patients through a US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guideline-based survey for COVID-19 symptoms. The solution can connect users, if their symptoms warrant, to the MCMS nurse command centre, where registered nurses review patient data and may recommend that they continue monitoring symptoms at home, or contact a healthcare provider directly.

John Liddicoat, president of Medtronic for the Americas region, noted that "these solutions aim to help manage unnecessary exposures, minimise burden on the healthcare system, and escalate the most seriously ill patients for immediate care."

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