UC San Diego Health Develops COVID-19 Test, Begins Testing Patients - (Xconomy via NewsPoints Desk)

  • The UC San Diego (UCSD) Health System has developed a diagnostic test for COVID-19 that can deliver results in about eight hours, reported Xconomy.

  • UCSD Health said it validated an in-house test in nine days and that it started using the test last week to diagnose patients.

  • It can perform about 20 tests daily, which are being deployed for UCSD Health patients who are "under investigation" for COVID-19, according to the system.

  • According to the news sources, a lack of reagents is to blame for the test's limited capacity so far.

  • The health system is pursuing "multiple strategies to substantially increase capacity" in the next few weeks, but did not specify what those entail.

  • UCSD Health also noted it is aiming to reduce the time its test takes to under six hours. The current eight-hour timeframe includes time for the lab to first rule out other respiratory illnesses, including influenza, before testing for COVID-19.

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