ESMO19: Novigenix's new early colon cancer detection blood test shows positive results

Novigenix announced Monday that its new immuno-transcriptomic signature for the early detection of colorectal cancer (CRC) in blood showed "high clinical performance" in a study presented at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) meeting.

In the trial, peripheral blood mononuclear cells immuno-transcriptome profiles were generated by RNA sequencing from 282 subjects, of which 78 had CRC, 65 had advanced adenomas, 39 had other cancers and 100 had no colorectal lesions. Novigenix noted that a final signature of 524 genes showed high clinical performance, with an AUC of 90%, 88% specificity and 83% sensitivity for CRC detection.

CEO Jan Groen called the results "very encouraging," adding "our partner BioLizard is developing an AI [artificial-intelligence]-based bioinformatics algorithm for this test on our LITOseek platform, which we believe could improve on the already promising performance data of the test seen in studies to date."

Under the terms of the companies' agreement, BioLizard is developing an AI-based bioinformatics algorithm to support the transition of Novigenix's first immuno-transcriptomic RT-PCR based product for early colon cancer detection, Colox, onto the LITOseek blood immuno-transcriptomic sequence platform, as well as other new products under development. The company noted that LITOseek analyses the gene expression modifications induced by the host response to various triggers, such as the onset of cancer.

Earlier this year, Novigenix launched its PREVASCO colon cancer clinical validation trial, which is expected to enrol over 1600 subjects and will be used for the final validation of the newly developed non-invasive colon cancer test based on the LITOseek platform.

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