CEUS Safely Assesses Suspected Liver Tumors in Pregnant Women

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- A team from the University of Munich in Germany has safely performed contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) scans in pregnant women with suspected liver tumors, and found that this minimally-invasive diagnostic imaging tool provided information essential for their care.

CEUS uses injectable suspensions of microscopic bubbles known as ultrasound contrast agents to enhance conventional ultrasound images and provide reliable, real-time images in a variety of clinical settings. Ultrasound contrast agents are approved throughout much of the world for imaging adults and children, but they are not yet approved for imaging pregnant women.

"CEUS was safely performed on all of the pregnant women without adverse fetal or maternal events," according to Professor Dirk-Andre Clevert, who led the study and described the results Thursday at the 34th annual "International Bubble Conference," a medical conference in Chicago devoted to developments and trends in the CEUS field.

"In a few cases, CEUS quickly showed that immediate therapy was required," he added.

The retrospective study used CEUS to evaluate liver lesions of unknown origin in six pregnant women.

"CEUS is a very safe and useful imaging modality, and was extremely well tolerated by our pregnant patients," Professor Clevert said.

"By comparison, CT and MRI scans can raise concerns during pregnancy due to harmful ionizing radiation and cerebral gadolinium deposition, respectively," he added.

Ultrasound contrast agents are used to help diagnose cancers throughout the body, to monitor chronic diseases and the effectiveness of therapy, and to diagnose heart disease and other serious medical conditions.


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