Aidoc's AI solution for detecting pulmonary embolism gains FDA clearance

Aidoc announced Wednesday that its artificial intelligence (AI) solution that works with radiologists to flag and triage pulmonary embolism (PE) cases in chest computed tomography scans has been granted FDA clearance. The company noted that combined with its other proven solutions, the approval gives it "the most clearances for deep learning solutions in radiology and positions it firmly at the forefront of making AI standard of care."

CEO Elad Walach remarked "what really excites us about this clearance is that it paves the way towards scalable product expansion," following approval in August last year of the company's AI-based brain solution that helps radiologists detect acute intracranial haemorrhage in computed tomography scans. Walach added that Aidoc has "put a lot of effort in developing a scalable AI platform. It took us 18 months to get our first FDA clearance, six for the second one, and we have eight more packages in active clinical trials."

According to Aidoc, its solutions analyse medical images directly after the patient is scanned and alert the radiologists of "cases with suspected findings to assist with prioritisation of time-sensitive, and potentially life-threatening cases." Aidoc added that its solutions reduce "the time from scan to diagnosis for some patients from hours to under five minutes."

Aidoc recently closed a $27 million funding round, bringing the total raised so far to $40 million.

Earlier this month, Zebra Medical Vision said it received FDA 510(k) clearance for HealthPNX, an AI alert for pneumothorax, based on chest x-rays.

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