Scientists develop tiny tooth-mounted sensors that can track what you eat: Wireless real-time monitoring could add precision to the linkage between diet and health - (ScienceDaily via NewsPoints Desk)

  • A study published in the journal Advanced Materials suggests that miniaturised sensors, mounted directly on a tooth and communicating wirelessly with a mobile device, can transmit information on glucose, salt and alcohol intake, ScienceDaily reported Thursday.

  • The researchers developed a 2mm squared sensor that can flexibly conform and bond to the surface of a tooth.

  • The sensor features a central bioresponsive layer, which absorbs the nutrient or other chemicals to be detected, and two outer layers consisting of square-shaped gold rings.

  • The three layers together act like an antenna, collecting and transmitting waves in the radiofrequency spectrum, according to the news source.  

  • "In theory we can modify the bioresponsive layer in these sensors to target other chemicals -- we are really limited only by our creativity," said corresponding author Fiorenzo Omenetto, adding that "we have extended common RFID [radiofrequency ID] technology to a sensor package that can dynamically read and transmit information on its environment, whether it is affixed to a tooth, to skin or any other surface."

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