Engineering a new spin for disease diagnostics: A new liquid biopsy platform has been developed to isolate circulating disease biomarkers - (ScienceDaily via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Details of a new technique, which utilises standard laboratory equipment, to extract tiny circulating biomarkers of disease from patient blood are reported in Biomicrofluidics, ScienceDaily reported.

  • With the technique, a blood sample is added to a chip's inlet, and then the chip is placed into the centrifugal nanoparticle separation and extraction (μCENSE) platform.

  •  μCENSE is loaded into a standard laboratory benchtop centrifuge and spun, and in less than eight minutes the blood and vesicles separate aloowing extract to be removed from the chip outlet, which is a hundredfold faster than the high speed ultracentrifugal method that has been used in the past.

  • "As we spin the microfluidic chip, the sample in the inlet starts to migrate or move into this curved channel," said study lead Chwee Teck Lim, adding that "once there, the centrifugal forces start to separate the smaller vesicles from the larger particles, because the forces acting on the different sized vesicle are different."

  •  "We are already looking at trying to conduct a trial on patient clinical samples," Lim said.

  • Ultimately,  Lim reportedly hopes to use this technique to identify which biomarkers will be useful in detecting cancer.

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