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FirstWord MedTech PLUS combines the coverage of an in-depth medical technology industry news and intelligence service with the convenience of user customisation.

Users enjoy full access to the FirstWord MedTech news service, with customisation tools to enable them to filter in or filter out what's most relevant to them. Save time and money with a service that is customised to you:

- Cover all the angles with full access to extensive MedTech industry news both past and present, with a convenient search tool to help you find and save things quickly.

- Catch the latest news at a glance with the editors' daily "Top Story" news summaries.

- View additional content through easy-to-use topic categories
including news from companies, specific conditions, products, regulatory markets, and medical journals.

- Filter-in and filter-out the areas of most interest to you.
Arrange your news service in a way that suits you. Filter out to get an overview of what the industry’s talking about, filter in to focus on the areas of most interest to you.

- Don't miss a thing. Keep up-to-date on the go.
Access the service via mobile, radio, Twitter or daily Podcast. FirstWord MedTech PLUS users also enjoy a choice of generic or customised newsletters, RSS feeds, and alert feeds based on their information preferences.

- A global reach across world markets including over 100 regulatory bodies in the US, EU, Japan, Brazil, India, China and others.


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