Personalized Cancer Medicine - Indivumed and Intermed to Form Strategic Alliance

HAMBURG/GEESTHACHT, Germany, June 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Indivumed, a worldwide leading biotechnical company in the field of personalized cancer medicine, and Intermed, a medical trading and logistics company, will join forces in the field of personalized cancer medicine in the future. Intermed, as an affiliated partner company, also performs services for LADR Der Laborverbund Dr. Kramer & Kollegen. 

Intermed invests and participates in Indivumed in order to accelerate the expansion of Indivumed's worldwide leading Cancer Database in Germany and, in addition, to distribute through the physician-managed LADR Laborverbund innovative cancer diagnostic test's offered by Indivumed's subsidiary Indivutest GmbH.

Innovative diagnostics and logistical perfection 

"As a result of the alliance formed with Intermed, we are very glad to receive logistical support for the expansion of our cancer database and, at the same time, be able to provide Central-European wide highly-innovative diagnostic tests for personalized cancer medicine," says Prof. Dr. med. Hartmut Juhl, Founder and CEO of Indivumed GmbH.

Prof. Dr. med. Jan Kramer, owner and Managing Director of Intermed and of LADR Der Laborverbund Dr. Kramer & Kollegen, emphasizes that, "By investing in Indivumed GmbH, we partner with one of the leading companies in the field of personalized medicine."

Cancer database and liquid biopsy - the key to proper treatment 

With the worldwide leading cancer database, Indivumed holds an essential scientific key solution for further development of personalized cancer medicine. This has been demonstrated by Indivumed's participation in the development of the new, groundbreaking diagnostic field of 'Liquid Biopsy'. "We are looking forward to partner with IndivuTest GmbH, making available to patients new, highly innovative diagnostic tests through our LADR laboratory network and the logistical possibilities of Intermed across the nation," continues Professor Kramer.

About Indivumed GmbH and IndivuTest GmbH 

INDIVUMED GmbHan ISO certified global oncology research company based in Hamburg, Germany, has established the world's leading Cancer Database and biobank, retaining unique patterns of biomolecules such as RNA, DNA, and proteins as they existed in the human body.This Cancer Database makes possible multi-omics capabilities that will allow for characterization of samples and data, such as whole genome gene expression analysis, expression analysis of cancer relevant proteins, expression analysis of cancer relevant phosphoproteins and bioinformatic solutions for integrating molecular, biological and clinical information. 

IndivuTest GmbH is a subsidiary of Indivumed GmbH established in 2002. IndivuTest was spun off in 2012 with the objective of making Indivumed's scientific experiences in tissue analytics available to patients andcontribute significantlyto the establishment of individual cancer therapies in oncology.  

IndivuTest offers innovative diagnosticservices, which includegenomicanalysesofbloodsamples("liquid biopsy") and comprehensive analyses of tissue toidentify optimally suiteddrugs and therapiesof individualized cancer treatments. 

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About Intermed and LADR Der Laborverbund Dr. Kramer & Kollegen 

Intermed is an owner-run, dynamic trading and logistics company with more than 900 employees. For more than 30 years, Intermed has supplied physicians, laboratories and health institutions with medical devices and has set up its own logistics system all over Germany. In addition, Intermed is a partner of the medical supply centers in theLADR Der Laborverbund Dr. Kramer & Kollegen, a laboratory network which, with its medical laboratory supply centers and cooperating laboratory associations, provides more than 20,000 doctors' practices and more than 350 clinics and hospitals with medical laboratory services. 

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SOURCE Indivumed GmbH

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