Exclusive: Two Apple medical trials shed light on how HealthKit will work - (MSN Money via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Stanford University Hospital and Duke University will launch trials of patients with diabetes and chronic disease using Apple's HealthKit, as reported MSN Money Monday.
  • Medical devices, such as glucose monitors with accompanying iPhone apps, can send information to HealthKit, which is still under development.
  • While Stanford University Hospital said it is working with Apple to let physicians track blood sugar levels for children with diabetes, Duke University is developing a pilot to track measurements, such as weight and blood pressure, in patients with cancer or heart disease.
  • Medical device makers are taking part in the studies, and DexCom is in talks with Apple, Stanford University Hospital and the FDA about integrating with HealthKit, said chief technical officer Jorge Valdes.
  • Duke University's director of mobile strategy Ricky Bloomfield noted "this could eliminate the hassle of getting data from patients," adding that "HealthKit removes some of the error from patients' manually entering their data."

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