GE Healthcare, Theragnostics enter deal to develop PSMA diagnostic for prostate cancer

GE Healthcare and Theragnostics entered into a partnership to develop a new prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) PET/CT imaging agent to help visualise prostate cancer to enable personalised treatment, the companies announced Wednesday. Under the deal, Theragnostics will lead development of the tracer, GalliProst, while GE Healthcare will be responsible for all pre-approval commercial preparations, and if authorised, all subsequent commercial and distribution activities.

Sanka Thiru, global product leader of molecular imaging oncology in GE Healthcare's pharmaceutical diagnostics business, remarked that "this partnership enables both parties to leverage each other's key areas of expertise in order to accelerate the development of GalliProst and ultimately improve patient care." Meanwhile, Theragnostics CEO Greg Mullen said the deal is "validation" of GalliProst, noting that the agreement follows one signed last year with GE Healthcare for a diagnostic trace for imaging kidney function and scarring.

According to the companies, the 'heatmap' style image created by GalliProst, which uses Gallium-68, shows the exact location and intensity of PSMA. Theragnostics recently reported that a Phase II study of the tracer met its primary and secondary endpoints. Data from the study showed that one third of patients with newly diagnosed prostate cancer, and over 50% of patients with biochemically recurrent disease, including 75% in a post-radical radiotherapy setting, had their treatment plans modified to be more appropriate as a result of a GalliProst scan.

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