Edible sensor helps TB patients take their meds: study - (The Economic Times via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Study results published in the journal PLOS medicine suggest that an ingestible sensor can help patients adhere to drug regimens for treating tuberculosis, as reported in The Economic Times.

  • The trial, which was conducted in 77 patients, found that 93% of those using the sensor were taking their daily treatment doses, compared with 63% who did not.

  • In the study, patients swallowed a sensor and wore a paired patch on their torso which transmits medication levels via Bluetooth, allowing doctors to track in real-time medication intake using a phone app.

  • Trial leader Sara Browne remarked "if we are serious about eliminating TB then we have to get some fundamental things right such as increased support for patient care that efficiently helps patients complete all of their treatment."

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