FDA approves Abbott's Alinity s blood and plasma screening system

Abbott announced Thursday that the FDA has approved its Alinity s system, which screens blood and plasma "more efficiently within a smaller space" versus competing systems, while also maintaining "highest levels of accuracy." Louis Morrone, vice president of transfusion medicine at Abbott, called Alinity s "a significant leap forward" in terms of speed, automation and efficiency for blood and plasma screening.

According to the company, the system's capacity has been expanded to run up to 600 tests per hour. Alinity s also increases "walk-away" time to at least three hours, while allowing technicians continuous access to refill or restock at their convenience. Further, it gives laboratory professionals the ability to continuously load and unload samples and supplies without pausing or stopping the system.

Other features include improving the ability of centres to track all activities and actions associated with testing and processing each donation, as well as ease-of-use via an intuitive software interface, menu design and sample loading layout, shared with other Alinity instruments, the company said.

Abbott introduced the Alinity platform in 2016. The company's Alinity m diagnostics system and assays gained the CE mark for infectious disease testing earlier this year, while the FDA cleared its Alinity ci-series next-generation diagnostic systems in 2017.

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