Japanese researchers developing underwear seizure sensor for epilepsy sufferers - (The Japan News via NewsPoints Desk)

  • A group of Japanese researchers is developing a device in which a smartphone notifies people with epilepsy ahead of seizures via a sensor built into underwear that detects warning signs through fluctuations of the heart rhythm, as reported The Japan News on Wednesday.

  • The researchers, from Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Nagoya University and Kumamoto University, developed a sensor highly capable of detecting symptoms of epilepsy through abnormalities in the wave patterns in the heart rate that occur several minutes prior to seizures.

  • The sensor, with its built-in battery, is attached to the outside of special underwear designed for the system.

  • The group also developed a smartphone app that receives information from the sensor and alerts users with a warning sound and by vibrating.

  • When tested on seven patients, the system successfully detected seizures at an accuracy of 86 percent.

  • The group plans to conduct further clinical tests on patients with epilepsy as early as fiscal 2019.

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